Paiguni Uttaram or better known as Panguni Uthiram is celebrated on the 12th month of the Tamil calendar, Panguni, during which the moon “enters' the Uthiram constellation.

It is believed that during this powertime, the energies of the full moon and the star Uthiram come together, creating a powerful energy vortex that can help individuals manifest their desires and overcome challenges in their relationships.

Marital Symbolism

The festival holds special significance for married life and family responsibilities, marking the celestial weddings of Lord Muruga and other divine couples.

Temple Celebrations

Temples across South India, including Muruga temples like Sabarimala and Palani, conduct elaborate rituals and ceremonies, culminating in the divine marriages of deities.

Rituals and Observances

- Devotees clean and decorate idols of Lord Murugan with flowers and fragrances.

- Pilgrims undertake foot pilgrimages to Murugan temples, covering significant distances.

- Offerings of kavadis (bamboo poles), milk, sacred water, and flowers are made to Lord Muruga.

- The festival's culmination includes the celestial wedding ceremony, or Thirukalyanam, held in prominent temples like Thiruparangundram and Mylapore.

- Devotees observe Kalyan Vrata, fasting and worshiping deities for blessings and spiritual enlightenment.

- Unique sweet dishes, or Prasadam, are prepared and shared as offerings to deities and among family members.

Benefits and Beliefs

- Panguni Uthiram is believed to enhance relationships and bring prosperity and happiness, especially for those seeking marital bliss.

- Observing fasting rituals on this day may lead to spiritual liberation and freedom from the cycle of births and deaths.

Performing these prayers and rituals during the Panguni Uthiram powertime with faith and devotion can help individuals overcome relationship problems and promote love and harmony with their partners.

Source / Image Credit : AstroVed