The long wait has finally come to an end. The shooting for Pasanga Season 2 has been successfully completed.

What was Pasanga Series Season 1 all about?

Pasanga Series is a heartwarming Tamil drama that explores the lives of three individuals—Raja, Jaga, and Anand - as they navigate the challenges of life in Kuala Lumpur and strive to achieve their dreams. Despite their diverse backgrounds and struggles, Raja, Jaga, and Anand persevere, learning valuable lessons along the way.

And now what prompted the creation of Season 2?

Due to the tremendous positive response to the first season, director Shalini Balasundaram and producers of Veedu Production decided to create yet another engaging and captivating storyline for the audience.

Exciting updates for Season 2

Denes Kumar, a key member of Veedu Production, shared some exciting news:

“This time, fans will be treated to a total of 100 episodes on Astro Vinmeen. For the first time ever, we are proud to present a series of this scale, something that has never been seen before in our industry.”

That's right, you heard it here first, we are taking things to a whole new level with a series of epic proportions!

The stellar cast for this season includes Denes Kumar himself, along with Alvin, Sasi, Moon, Nitya, Tasha, Susila, Devakanni, Kabil, and many more.

Directing a film, short, or series is never easy. When asked about the challenges the team faced, Denes Kumar stated:

“As we are working on 100 episodes which means, 50 hours of running time, we had an extensive shooting schedule of 120 days with a large group of cast members. Fortunately, all the cast members were very understanding of the hectic schedules, which made it much easier to complete the shoot as quickly as possible.”

Managing a multitude of issues from the beginning of pre-production, the entire team is now on cloud nine to have successfully overcome these challenges.

With high hopes that the audience will embrace the upcoming Season 2, Pasanga is expected to premiere on August 12. Subsequent episodes of the 100-episode series will air every Monday to Thursday at 9 PM on Vinmeen. The show will also be available for catch-up viewing via Astro Go and on demand.