Pasanga Series is a local Tamil comedy-drama series that is currently airing on Astro Vinmeen (CH 202). It’s undoubtedly one of the lighthearted series which has been receiving rave reviews from viewers and its unique take on local comedy is sure to leave you with a big smile.

Having said that, Astro recently caught up with the director and actors of the series to find out their experience working on it. Here's the interview:

Shalini Balasundram - The Director of ‘Pasanga’

Asking about his inspiration behind directing ‘Pasanga’, Shalini Balasundram has stated:

‘I was over the moon when I received a call from the esteemed Mr. Denes to direct the ‘Pasanga’ series. As a die-hard fan of the ‘Pasanga’ trilogy, including the likes of ‘Vilayatu Pasanga’, ‘Vetti Pasanga’, and ‘Vedigunde Pasanga’, I was thrilled and quickly accepted the offer. Hearing the story from Mr. Denes and Ts. Dr. Vimala Perumal was an enthralling experience for my husband, Sathish Natarajan, and me. We could relate to the characters in real life, which added an extra dimension of excitement to the project.’

Directing the ‘Pasanga series was an absolute blast! Mr. Denes and Ts. Dr. Vimala Perumal gave us ample freedom to explore our creative vision, which made the whole process even more fun and exciting. Writing and directing this series was a dream come true, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to bring these beloved characters to life.

How was it like working along with renowned producers, Ts. Dr. Vimala Perumal and Denes Kumar for the first time?

For a decade, I have had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Denes and Ts. Dr. Vimala Perumal. While many may not be aware, we are good friends. These two individuals have consistently been the well-wishers for Sathish and me. Despite being incredibly creative individuals themselves, Mr. Denes and Ts. Dr. Vimala has never displayed even a hint of ego. Instead, they are consummate professionals who allow others to shine and express their creativity. This trust in their peers is a rare and valuable quality that has allowed us to work together seamlessly as a team. I cannot overstate how wonderful it is to be around these two souls. They consistently exude kindness, wisdom, and a genuine desire to see others succeed.

Ts. Dr. Vimala Perumal - Story Creator and Producer

Could you please share your significant memories while creating the story of 'Pasanga'?

The thought of creating a story that revolves around the life of ‘Pasanga’ (young Indian men) is both exciting and humbling. It would require a deep understanding of their experiences, upbringing, and culture. For Denes and myself, it was a unique and deeply personal experience to delve into our own cultural identity and learn more about the experiences and create a story that is both authentic and personal, reflecting the struggles, hopes, and dreams of our community.

As a filmmaker, we have come to understand that creating a story that captures the essence of ‘Pasanga’ culture requires more than just telling a story. It requires immersing oneself in the world of young men and understanding their behaviour, language, and attitudes. Spending time with them, observing their interactions, and researching are necessary steps to capture this essence. It is essential to conduct thorough research to understand the cultural nuances and context of the story.

The research process would be a significant memory for us as it allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of our community and provide the foundation for creating an authentic and meaningful story. It is only through the meticulous process of research that a filmmaker can truly capture the essence of our community and convey their experiences in a genuine, heartfelt, inspiring, and relatable manner. It is a humbling experience to see the impact of a story that speaks to the hearts of the audience.

Please share your experience working along with renowned director, Shalini Balasundram for this series.

The writer and director of Vilayaattu Pasange (released in 2011), Vetti Pasanga (2014), and Vedigundu Pasangge (2018), Dr. Vimala Perumal, said:

Completing ‘Pasanga’ and working alongside Shalini Balasundaram and Sathish Natarajan is an incredible feeling that is difficult to put into words. The sense of accomplishment and pride that comes with finishing a project that has been months in the making is truly unparalleled. I would like to express my deep admiration for my favourite duo, Shalini Balasundram, and Sathish Natarajan, who have shown incredible commitment and dedication in bringing our ‘Pasanga’ project to life. I have had the privilege of knowing them since they were young, and it is a joy to see them grow into such talented and passionate filmmakers.

Their creative vision and unwavering determination are evident in every aspect of the series, from the heartfelt performances of the actors to the stunning cinematography and captivating storytelling. It is a humbling experience to work with friends who share the same passion and commitment to storytelling, and I look forward to continuing our creative journey together.

Denes Kumar - Producer and Actor

How was it like getting this in place and working along with renowned director, Shalini Balasundram for this series?

Working with Shalini Balasundaram and Sathish Natarajan, who are both very passionate about what they do, has been a truly amazing experience. Witnessing their creative process has been truly captivating, and their unwavering dedication to bringing our vision to life has been nothing less than extraordinary.

As we worked together to complete ‘Pasanga’, I was struck by the talent and commitment of the entire team. Every individual brought their unique perspective and skill set to the project, resulting in a work of art that exceeded our wildest expectations. Looking back on this experience, I am filled with a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity to work with such a talented and dedicated group of individuals. Completing ‘Pasanga’ has been an unforgettable journey that has left a lasting impact on everyone involved.

Please tell us about the character you play in Pasanga.

Bringing the character of Raja to life was an incredible experience that allowed me to explore a wide range of emotions and challenge myself as an actor. Raja was a young man who faced significant hardships in his life, yet he remained steadfast in his commitment to providing for his family and living a life of decency and integrity. His unwavering determination to succeed and overcome adversity was truly inspiring, and it was an honor to be able to portray him on screen.

One of the things that made this experience so special was the opportunity to work alongside a talented director, crew, and cast. Their passion and commitment to bringing Raja's story to life were truly infectious, and it was inspiring to be a part of such a collaborative and creative team. Together, we were able to create a portrayal that was both authentic and compelling, capturing the essence of Raja's character and his journey. Overall, playing the role of Raja was a truly humbling and rewarding experience that taught me the importance of resilience, perseverance, and the power of family and friendship. It was a journey that I will always cherish, and I feel incredibly grateful to have been a part of such an amazing project.

Could you please share your experience coordinating your roles as producer and actor in Pasanga?

As a producer and actor in the ‘Pasanga’ series, I had to juggle a lot of different responsibilities and wear many hats at the same time. From overseeing the production schedule to managing budgets, coordinating with the rest of the cast and crew, and ensuring that everything ran smoothly behind the scenes, there was never a dull moment. Through it all, my partner, Ts. Dr. Vimala Perumal, who was also a producer for the series, was an invaluable source of support, as her unwavering dedication and hard work were critical to the project's success.

Despite the challenges, I found that this experience was incredibly rewarding. Being involved in the entire production process allowed me to see firsthand all of the hard work and dedication that goes into creating a TV series, and as an actor, I was able to bring my unique perspectives and insights to the character that I was playing. This experience gave me a deeper understanding and appreciation for the creative process, and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of such an amazing project.

Starring the popular actors Denes, Vikadakavi Magen, Moon Nila, and Alvin Martin, you can tune in to the Pasanga Series, every Monday to Thursday at 9 PM on Vinmeen. Also available on - On Demand and Astro Go.