Penang-born chef Mano Thevar has made the country proud by becoming the only Malaysian chef to earn two Michelin stars - a prestigious rank awarded to restaurants judged to be of a particularly high standard.

His eponymous restaurant Thevar, located in Singapore was awarded the second star at the Michelin Awards on July 12, reported The Vibes.

"We have only been open for about three years and nine months. I am super happy to receive the second star within the span of a year - the first being back in 2021.

"As you know, Covid was especially hard and a real struggle for the restaurant business. However, the achievements we get to enjoy today would not have happened without the support of my amazing team, customers, suppliers and of course my business partner, fellow Michelin-star chef Sun Kim (Meta)," Mano was quoted telling the portal.

Mano draws inspiration for the cuisine at Thevar from his Indian roots, and infuses European techniques to give the food a modern twist.

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According to the report, Mano is self-taught, but has trained himself and worked in international restaurants, picking up tricks and trade of the culinary world along the way.

Thevar also serves vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. As for the main course, customers are served three snack dishes, four appetisers, three main dishes, and two desserts at an approximate price of SGD238+ (RM756) per person, reported SAYS.

Congratulations Chef Mano and his team on this very impressive achievement!

Best wishes for achieving greater heights in the future.

Source: The Vibes, SAYS
Photo source: SAYS, Instagram, Facebook