Most of us can't walk for 24 hours non-stop, let alone do it backwards; on a treadmill to boot.

However, Sivarajan Ettiappan has earned a place in the Malaysia Book of Records (MBR) for doing just that, in conjunction with the recent Malaysia Day celebration.

The 33-year-old physiotherapist attached to the Sri Kota Specialist Medical Centre in Selangor started his record feat on the morning of Sept 16, and completed it at 8.59am on Sept 17, sealing his name in the MBR's "Longest Non-Stop Backwards Walk on a Treadmill" category.

Besides MBR, the sport enthusiast also secured a placing in the Asia Book of Records with his feat.

Sivarajan dedicated his feat to the frontline workers and organisations who have worked tirelessly during the COVID-19 pandemic, since it broke early last year.

According to him, he trained hard for six months to prep himself for the walk, and faced various challenges, including sustaining scratches and bruises after falling on the treadmill during training, and also dozing off during the attempt.

Kudos to Sivarajan for your impressive achievement. He has proven that nothing is impossible, as long as one puts his/her mind to it!

Photo source: Facebook