It was recently reported that two Malaysian brothers were denied entry into Germany due to them having received the China-made Sinovac vaccine for their first two doses.

The men, from Kuala Terengganu had gone to Dusseldorf to visit their youngest brother who's studying there, when they were stopped by the airport authorities who denied them entry.

According to Kosmo, the fact that they had been boostered with the Pfizer vaccine did not help either. Utimately, the brothers were sent back to Malaysia, while their parents, who had been vaccinated with a vaccine sanctioned by Germany, were allowed into the country.

For the record, Germany only endorses five types of vaccines, namely Novavax, Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and AstraZeneca.

Currently, a total of 72 countries recognize Sinovac. Below is a list of countries that have yet to accept Sinovac, for your benefit.As the world returns to normalcy as the COVID-19 pandemic's wrath weakens, people are travelling more.

But the situation is still far from how it was pre-pandemic days.

If you are planning to travel soon, do check if the country you are headed to recognizes the vaccines you were administered, so that you will not end up burning your flight tickets.

Source: Kosmo, World of Buzz,
Photo source: Reuters