Happy birthday to the musical genius whose melodies have enchanted us all! Pradeep has won the hearts of music lovers with his soulful singing, and we are here to celebrate his melodious journey. From 'Nee Kavithaigala' to 'Maya Nadhi', here is a look at five of his most mesmerizing songs that have inspired the musician in us all.

Nee Kavithaigala

The passionate singer has given life to the lyrics with his soulful voice, captivating the audience and taking them on an emotional journey. His voice has been the driving force behind the song's success, topping the music chart and remaining popular to date. Truly a remarkable feat!

Megamo Aval

Kodi Aruvi

A fabulous duet with the vocals of Pradeep and Nithya Shree!

Maya Nadhi


Let's raise a toast to this musical maestro, and let's celebrate his musical journey!

Image Credit: Tamil Song Lyrics , Thrayam , LiveClefs , SMULE