There would be times when parents lose patience with their children, and end up unleashing their wrath on the latter.

Psychiatrist Dr Rozanizam Zakaria from the International Islamic University Malaysia in Kuantan has listed down 10 definite don'ts when dealing with children while being angry, as such behaviour can leave a lasting impact on the little ones.

1) Beat them until they get scars

2) Lock them up in a room

3) Threaten to abandon them by the roadside or give them to others

4) Compare them with their friends/peers

5) Give them the silent treatment without an explanation/closure

6) Threaten to love the other child

7) Leave them in a dark place/room

8) Record them when they are crying and shame them

9) Call them "burdensome"

10) Use harsh words/vulgarities to scold them

According to Rozanizam, such behaviour may sound justified to some adults when disciplining their children, but in fact, they leave a long lasting impact on a child - sometimes well into their adulthood.

He said that most parents resort to such actions only partially due to their children's fault.

"The main contributing factor could be the parents themselves coping with unresolved personal trauma, physical exhaustion, burnout, or as a form of projection (they are actually angry with others, but the wrath gets channelled towards the children)," he was quoted telling the Keluarga magazine.

With that said, Rozanizam urged parents to learn how to control their anger and their behaviour, so that they would not end up raising a traumatised generation.

Source: Keluarga
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