The travel and tourism industry that took a massive hit during the Covid-19 pandemic is finally resuming after nations started opening their doors to international travelers. While Malaysia has yet to open its borders to international travelers (except for Langkawi), the interstate and international travel ban were lifted months back for fully vaccinated citizens.

Traveling, however, will never be the same as many countries have imposed stringent regulations to curb the spreading of Covid-19. Among the regulations are mandatory quarantine and Covid-19 tests upon arrival. Since the pandemic isn't over and the number of infected cases is on the rise, it is necessary to continue following the recommended prevention measures no matter which destination you're flying to.

But if you're worried that getting quarantined might increase your travel expenses, you can consider these countries which offer quarantine-free travel for Malaysians:

1. Asia
Countries: Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Turkey, UAE, Oman, and Maldives

2. Europe
Countries: England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Iceland, France, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Spain, Malta, and Netherlands

3. Other continents
Countries: Canada, Australia, Egypt, Mauritius, Brazil, Mexico, and USA.

Despite the quarantine-exemption leniency, travelers still need to fulfill other requirements which might include negative PCR/RTK test results, health insurance, vaccination proof, travel pass, visa, and other requirements which might differ depending on the location. Since some countries have a list of approved vaccines, it is important to check if your vaccine is accepted prior to flying, or you'll be considered unvaccinated.

Since these requirements are subject to change without prior notice and each country has its own set of rules, it is advisable to contact the respective Malaysian embassies in these countries to get the latest and updated travel regulations prior to your travel.

Source: Klook, TruTrip and HHWT
Image credit: KLIA Airport