The Covid-19 pandemic has halted traveling for the past two years, bringing our vacation plans to a standstill. Last October, the Malaysian government lifted the travel restrictions on interstate and international traveling, while the borders remain closed to the incoming tourists until further notice. Now fully vaccinated Malaysian citizens can finally fly overseas to fulfill their long-pending vacation plans.

Among the many things that have changed during the Covid-19 pandemic includes the procedure to renew our expired Malaysian passports at the Immigration Office. These are the two things you should know before renewing your expired passport:

1.No Walk-In Allowed

Prior to the pandemic, you were allowed to walk-in to the Immigration office to get your expired passport renewed in just an hour. But post-pandemic, walk-in is not allowed. You need to get an appointment slot via and bring along your NRIC, expired passport, and a printed copy of the appointment letter during your visit. The department has implemented a cashless payment system in 2020, thus the applicant can make payment via credit or debit card.

2. Online Application

The online application reduces the hassle of fixing an appointment weeks earlier and waiting at the venue to get your passport renewed. When you opt to renew your passport online, you can choose your preferred collection point and make payment online via debit/credit card or FPX payment. The collection date and time are auto-generated and the applicant should attend in person with NRIC, expired passport, and the printed payment receipt to collect the renewed passport.