As we continue on to Heat 2 of Big Stage Tamil S2, let's recap the highlights and critiques , the renowned judges, Dr Burn, Preeta, and Yugendran, shared their insights on each contestant.


From crooning 'Thanga Thamarai Magale,' to earn a praise for his stage presence despite occasional pitch issues, as pointed out by Yugendran. Dr Burn enjoyed the performance but advised Jeevanraj to focus on maintaining tempo while singing.

Thesyalan Sean

Thesyalan Sean's performance garnered positive remarks from Preeta for his voice, with a suggestion to enhance word pronunciation.


Pavitren received feedback from Preeta and Yugendran, emphasizing the need to improve pronunciation and pitching. Despite the critique, Yugendran acknowledged Pavitren's commendable on-stage presence.


Dhanasegarran, though camera-conscious, impressed Dr Burn with his voice. Yugendran went a step further by joining Dhanasegarran on stage for a collaborative performance.


Unnitheivan's attitude received appreciation from Yugendran, who advised him to avoid rushing through his performances.


Nittyan's song choice came under scrutiny, with Yugendran suggesting an alternative. Dr Burn agreed, expressing a liking for Nittyan's singing style. Let’s have a look at the scoreboard of Heat 2 Big Stage Tamil S2.

With that, the journey ends here for Pavitren and Dhanasegarran in Heat 2 of Big Stage Tamil S2!

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