RAAGA listeners usually start their day with the banter of Suresh and Ahila on the Kalakkal Kaalai show.

The reason both announcers sound so comfortable with each other is because they have been good friends, on and off-air, since both became RAAGA announcers 10 years ago!

Astro recently spoke to the announcers, whose friendship has come a long way since they were introduced to each other at the car park of the Astro headquarters, 10 years ago.

Here's their journey, their own words.

Q: How would you describe your relationship?

Ahila: I would say we are like family, as I'm also close to his parents.

Suresh: Our friendship is easygoing. We share both personal and work-related matters with each other.

Q: Has the friendship changed much after one of you got married?

Ahila: We have both started focusing more on our personal lives, and that naturally reduces the time we hang out with each other - not specifically because Suresh got married. However, since we get to meet daily at work, we still have good times hanging out.

Suresh: No, I would say it still remains the same.

Like any good friends, both Suresh and Ahila have been there to help each other out through thick and thin.

This includes when Ahila met with a car accident, and when Suresh lost his car, the latter recalled.

Asked about what she is most thankful for, Ahila said she appreciates Suresh's ability to keep her secrets as his own, and his non-judgmental attitude towards her.

As for Suresh, he likes being able to share both his joys and problems with Ahila.

As the saying goes "opposites attract", it is not any different for Suresh and Ahila.

Ahila said she is a very punctual person who always follows the rules and regulations, whereas Suresh is a carefree and playful character. It is this mixture of attitudes that make both of them complement each other and get along well.

Besides similar taste in food, Suresh and Ahila both said they are also similar in a fact that they will defend their opinions, come what may.

At a time where having friends from the opposite gender is often frowned upon, both Suresh and Ahila are totally for it. Here's why, in their own words:

Ahila: I would say it is a blessing to have a friend from an opposite gender as he/she would help us to evaluate things from a different point of view. I have never encountered any challenges for having a male friend as my best friend. Maybe because I don't let people's opinions affect me.

When certain people think that a male and female can’t be best friends, I'll just brush it off by telling myself that they might not experience such a meaningful relationship like me. Thus, I shouldn’t expect them to understand my friendship with Suresh. I think it is important for my family members to understand my friendship with him and bless us. I’m glad that both of our families blessed our friendship. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Kuna, Suresh’s wife for being an extremely understanding person and prove that men and women can be best friends even after marriage.

Suresh: I think having a best friend from the opposite gender is not a problem especially if it helps in understanding them. I would say everyone should have an opposite gender friend as it is very fun!

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