Thalaivar for a reason!

Rajinikanth's fans are in for a real treat as their icon is set to appear in a French film. The film, titled Prête-moi Ta Main (Rent a Wife), directed by Alain Chabat, features footage from Muthu, showing Rajinikanth in action scenes. In the film, the lead actress is seen watching Muthu on TV and remarks, "I’m watching Muthu, a must-see Indian movie."

Muthu achieved significant success in Japan, where it was released under the name Dancing Maharaja and won many hearts for both Rajinikanth and Meena. As for whether Chabat's Prête-moi Ta Main will spark similar interest in Rajinikanth among French audiences, remains to be seen. Alain Chabat is renowned for his works such as Asterix & Obelisk: Mission Cleopatra.

Kavithalayaa Productions must be proud, as the French producers obtained permission from the company to use the Muthu footage. Rajinikanth's trademark style is clearly visible in the few seconds clip that appears in the French film.

Source / Image Credit: Koimoi , YesIamMokka