The Bigg Boss S2 fame Yaashika Anand recently took social media to show her support to the brutal case of an engineering student in Karnataka.

The police found the half-burned body of Madhu, hanging from a tree with a suicide note which says, "I am the reason for my death".

However, it is believed that the student was brutally raped and murdered, and her kin lodged a complaint on a suspect who was arrested now.

This news started trending on Twitter with #JusticeForMadhu and Chinmayi is among the person who demanded justice for Madhu.

However, when the enraged Yaashika showed her support for the case, a random man accused her of being too revealing and temp men. Her further added that, since the guys can't get her, they are targetting the local girls instead. Here's what she responded to the man:


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Source: CineUlagam and FirstPost