The 1992 film Roja, directed by Mani Ratnam, dealt with the story of a brave woman who goes to extreme lengths to free her husband from the clutches of terrorists in Kashmir, and finally succeeds.

A similar incident has happened in India, involving a woman who carried her three-year-old son into the dense jungles in Chhattisgarh state, to plead for the release of her sub-engineer husband, who was abducted by Naxalite-Maoist insurgents.

According to the Indian Express, the incident happened when Ajay Roshan Lakra, 35, was abducted on November 11 by insurgents, while he was inspecting an under-construction road, along with a labourer in the project.

While the labourer was released two days after the abduction, Ajay remained under the insurgents' custody.

Earlier this week, Ajay's wife Arpita Lakra set out on a quest to find her husband, with their three-year-old in tow. Along the way, she sought the help of local journalists, leaders, and activists, and together, they made various attempts to get in touch with the insurgents to let them know that Ajay was a government employee, and not a private road contractor as they might have thought him to be.

In the past, several contractors involved in road construction works in the area have been targeted by the insurgents, who are opposed to the projects.

The "rescue team" provided Ajay's identification card, as well as other pertinent details to the insurgents, but to no avail.

Ajay was finally released on Wednesday, after the insurgents held a public hearing at a village to decide if he should be set free.

He was left in the hands and embrace of his wife, and in view of the waiting media, activists and local leaders, at the fringes of the jungles on that day.

Ajay was left shaken and exhausted by the incident, but told the media that he was not harmed by the insurgents.

Source: Indian Express
Photo source: Hindi Samachar 24, Cinema Express