It came as a shock to many Malaysians when Kadaram Kondan movie distributor, Lotus Five Star, made a last-minute announcement that the movie will not be released in Malaysia as per the instructions given by the Film Censorship Board of Malaysia.

For months, Malaysians were excitedly waiting for the movie’s release, as it had been mostly shot in Malaysia.

Now, a representative of Lotus Five Star finally revealed the reason behind the movie ban here.

According to the spokesperson, the movie’s makers failed to get necessary police permits to shoot some of the movie scenes in Malaysia, which is considered illegal. As per the law, movie crews need to get permission before shooting to avoid such problems.

Another vital reason for the ban is that the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) are portrayed in a negative light in the movie, which gives a very bad image to our country. Besides portraying police officers as corrupt, there are also scenes which supposedly create inaccurate and misleading impressions on the Malaysian Police Force.

For these reasons, the Film Censorship Board has banned the movie in Malaysia. Here's what some Malaysians got to say about the ban:

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