Presenting the audition phase of Big Stage Tamil Season 2, recently held in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru, under the discerning judgment of a distinguished panel featuring Dr Burn, Sharmila Sivaguru, and Renuka Shree. The meticulous evaluation by the judges encompassed contestants' vocal prowess and stage presence.

Yet again we do have Vikneswari Subramaniam as the host and the audition unveiled a diverse spectrum of performances, leaving contestants with lasting impressions or grappling with the challenges of their initial stage experiences. Week 2 showcased talents from Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru, providing an electrifying competition atmosphere.

While contestants managed to captivate the judges with their talents, some faced scrutiny for song selections and for their lack of preparations for the audition. Notably, certain performances led the judges to even sing along and groove with the beats.

As Week 2 draws to a close, the auditions for Big Stage Tamil Season 2 have concluded, spanning four nations. Get ready to witness the clash of the top finalists in this highly anticipated contest which will be airing this week Sunday. Viewers can catch new episodes every Sunday at 9 PM on TV and Astro GO, or stream anytime On Demand.

For those who missed Season 1, the entire season is available for streaming on Astro GO and On Demand. Anticipate more mind-blowing performances and engaging moments in the upcoming episodes of Big Stage Tamil Season 2.