The highly anticipated Big Stage Tamil Season 2 made its grand debut last Sunday at 9 PM, commencing with auditions held in Penang and Ipoh. The trio of discerning judges, namely Dr Burn, Sharmila Sivaguru, and Renuka Shree, provided a comprehensive evaluation of contestants, encompassing their vocal prowess and stage presence.

Hosted by the charismatic Vikneswari Subramaniam, the audition showcased a spectrum of performances, with contestants leaving a lasting impression or grappling with the challenges of their first stage experience. The highlights of Week 1 episodes unfolded as Vikneswari introduced contestants from Penang and Ipoh, setting the audition for an electrifying competition.

Contestants from these regions managed to captivate the judges with their talents, although some faced scrutiny for their song selections. Notably, certain performances compelled the judges to join the contestants on the dance floor, adding an extra layer of excitement to the audition.

As Week 1 concludes, the journey of Big Stage Tamil Season 2 is far from over, with upcoming auditions in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru yet to unfold.

Viewers can catch the new episodes every Sunday at 9 PM on TV and Astro GO, or stream anytime On Demand. For those who missed Season 1, the entire season is available for streaming on Astro GO and On Demand. Stay tuned for more mind-blowing performances and engaging moments in the upcoming episodes of Big Stage Tamil Season 2.