We all remember the heartwarming PETRONAS ad that aired in 2007, celebrating Malaysia’s 50th Independence Day. This ad, crafted by the late Yasmin Ahmad, starred two charming school kids, Tan Hong Ming and Ummi Khazriena, and conveyed a powerful message of unity and innocence across different cultures.

The advertisement, titled “Tan Hong Ming In Love,” begins with Tan Hong Ming, a cheeky primary school boy, being interviewed about his school crush. He shyly confesses his admiration for Ummi Khazriena, praising her earrings, ponytail, and beauty. However, he’s too embarrassed to tell her directly.

When Ummi joins the interview, she casually reveals that Hong Ming is her boyfriend, much to his astonished delight. His animated reaction, characterized by pure shock and innocence, is unforgettable. The ad concludes with the two children walking off together, hand in hand, as a text from PETRONAS appears: “Our children are colour blind. Shouldn’t we keep them that way?” This simple yet impactful message resonated deeply with Malaysians, evoking a sense of nostalgia and unity.

Check out the recent picture of Tan Hong Ming and Ummi Khazriena !

In 2020, both Ummi and Hong Ming reunited for another Merdeka celebration. In an interview with Sinar Harian, they revealed that they had no idea they were being filmed for a Merdeka advertisement back in 2007. Their reunion brought back fond memories and highlighted the enduring legacy of Yasmin Ahmad’s work.

The video also features interviews with individuals who worked with Yasmin Ahmad, reflecting on how her soulful storytelling and directorial skills touched the lives of many.

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Source / Image Credit : Sinar Plus , Pengajian Malaysia