Get ready for a brand-new fun cooking show as Chef Venkatesh Bhat makes a triumphant return with "Top Cooku Dupe Cooku." While SUN TV is yet to announce the official premiere date, the promotional materials promise an engaging blend of entertainment and culinary excellence.

Chef Venkatesh, known for his expertise in the culinary world, brings his signature blend of insightful critiques and heart-warming encouragement to the forefront once again. However, fans will note his absence from Season 5, as the esteemed chef took a well-deserved break to explore fresh conceptual approaches.

With "Top Cooku Dupe Cooku," Chef Venkatesh aims to captivate audiences with his culinary expertise while providing contestants with a platform to showcase their talents and creativity in the kitchen. Stay tuned for more updates as the excitement builds for the premiere of this exciting new cooking show.

Image Credit / Source : SUN TV