Blake YAP, widely recognised as Chinepaiyen, has become a notable figure in the realm of creative Tamil content creation and beyond. The distinguished Malaysian influencer recently made a noteworthy appearance in the film "Annapoorni," alongside the acclaimed Nayanthara, showcasing his acting skills to us.
@chinepaiyenofficial MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS! If i can, anyone can! I worked hard for this, learned to relove myself, allow myself to grow and live my passion at my own pace, the universe answered me 5 years later after i said this in my first trip in chennai. 10 years after i posted my first tamil video in Youtube. Thank you to myself and the inner child in me, thanks to my friends and family and fans that have supported me through the times when i didnt believe in myself. Thanks to #nayanthara mam for being so gracious and so kind when i was acting with you on screen for #Annapoorani Thanks to the production team for this opportunity ? #tamil #tamilmovie #kollywood #tamiltiktok #tamilmuser #tammilsong ♬ original sound - #Chinepaiyen

This is not YAP's inaugural venture into Kollywood, having previously featured in the 2019 romantic film "Comali" and played a lead role in the Deepavali commercial "Soya Cincau." YAP's influence extends beyond the screen, with a massive following of 2 million on TikTok and over 28.3 million likes, establishing him as a source of inspiration for aspiring social media influencers seeking to explore diverse cultures and overcome challenges.

In an interview with PRIDE, YAP shared insights into the genesis of his brand, Chinepaiyen, a blend of "chinnapaiyan" (Chinese boy) and "cinnepaiyen" (little boy), aptly reflecting his physical stature as a Little Chinese Boy.

Looking up to incredible individuals like you is what keeps the rest of the upcoming generations going. Cheering you on, Blake. Congratulations on reaching the place where dreams come true. Keep chasing those passions and making them a reality!

Source : The Pride , Chinepaiyen TikTok , Netflix