Mobile phones today come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. But does the color of your phone reflect your personality.

It does, according to this blog, citing a color psychologist. Here's what it says the color of your phone means.


White is for those who like their belongings clean. They have high standards, perhaps bordering on obsessive compulsiveness. White phone owners are also simple, open minded, open to possibilities, and good at remaining impartial, aside from being non-judgmental.


Black is associated with power, elegance, sophistication, and professionalism. These associations could be a reason or motivation for someone to choose a black phone. They want to be seen in that particular way, or it is perhaps an expression of their true self.

Black also means privacy, which means the owner wants to be unseen, and remain low profile.


Blue is reserved, calm and not looking for attention. The owner is associated with in-dept thinking before acting, being careful, as well as conservative. Since blue phones are rarer than black and white phones, the owner of such colored phone can also be considered as having a desire to be unique. As for dark blue, owners are considered not looking for attention, and they may have some create talents or tendencies.


Red is associated with physical energy, competitiveness, lust, impulsiveness, and aggressiveness. It is a strong color for a cell phone, and it gathers attention. The owner of such phone could be an outgoing, talkative individuals that basks in attention by being social.

They are also more likely to be very expressive, more focused on their own opinions, and tastes. They just want to their own thing rather than conforming to popular conventions.


Gold is associated with wealth, status seeking, generous, materialistic, and acquirement of knowledge, so the owner of such phone probably has, or is chasing after such traits.

Gold-colored phone owners are likely to be very outgoing and prioritize their social status. They want people to know that they are financially successful, and they have a passion for the luxurious things in life.


Someone with a pink phone is likely to be friendly, outgoing, affectionate, caring and expressive. Besides, they are also likely intuitive and idealistic in their thinking and ideas.

They are not the most practical person, and they have a strong desire to express themselves. They likely draw energy and positive feelings from bright colors, and have artistic and creative impulses.

So, is the chart accurate? What color is your phone, and do the traits match your personality?

Photo source: India Today