Producer Shawn Antony of "Manjummel Boys" has responded to the copyright violation notice sent by renowned composer Ilaiyaraaja. In an interview with The News Minute, Antony clarified that the production team had obtained permission from two audio labels to use Ilaiyaraaja's song "Kanmani Anbodu" from the film "Gunaa."

Antony explained, "We secured rights from Pyramid and Sreedevi Sounds, the music companies that hold the rights for the song. One company holds the rights for the Telugu version, and the other for the remaining languages."

Despite these claims, Antony stated that neither he nor his co-producers, Soubin Shahir and Babu Shahir, have received a formal legal notice from Ilaiyaraaja as of yet.

Ilaiyaraaja's legal notice, dated May 22, was issued over the use of "Kanmani Anbodu" in "Manjummel Boys." The song appears in the title credits and during a pivotal scene in the film. Ilaiyaraaja asserted that he is the sole owner of his creation, and therefore, any rights must be acquired directly from him. He also emphasized that a credit in the title card is insufficient and that the necessary permissions or licenses must be secured from him directly.

Director Prem Kumar of "96" had previously mentioned that the team had sought permission to use the song, further complicating the matter.

As the situation develops, the producers of "Manjummel Boys" may need to engage in further discussions to resolve the copyright issue amicably.

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Source : The News Minute, Amazon UK