Cameron Highlands is Malaysia's own highland retreat to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Whether you want a beautiful morning sipping tea and overlooking the tea plantation or explore jungle trails with your family and friends, Cameron Highlands is the perfect weekend getaway for all kinds of travellers.

These are the top 8 experiences you should not miss at Cameron Highlands:

1. A Breath-taking Drive

Top of our list is simply driving around and drinking in all the nature. It's undeniable that the views at Cameron Highlands are stunning. So, just get in the car and simply drive wherever the roads bring you.
Note of caution: Please be mindful when driving in Cameron Highlands especially near the slopes and sharp turns.

2. Teatime at BOH's Iconic Tea Plantation

Did you know there’s a free, guided Factory Tour that starts as early as 8.45am? The tea plantation was founded in 1929 and will be commemorating its 90th anniversary next year. This is one experience that every traveller to Cameron Highland almost never misses! The panoramic scenery of the tea plantation is a sight that will stay with you for a while. Enjoy the view and the tea!
Note: The factory tour is subject to factory operation.

Picture: BOH Sungei Palas Tea Centre

3. Mossy Forest Hike

This magical-looking forest is not really in the must-visit list of many travellers, simply because it can be a strenuous hike to get there. However, you can always hire a 4WD and get there without much difficulty. You will love the experience!

4. Waterfalls Everywhere

There are several iconic waterfalls at Cameron Highlands and each look spectacular in their own way. The water is refreshing! Get your picnic basket filled with some of your favourite pastries to enjoy a morning outing at any of the waterfalls.

5. Strawberry Pickings

How can you leave Cameron Highlands without visiting a strawberry farm? The entire experience—from picking the strawberries to eating them dipped in chocolate—is unique because nowhere else in Malaysia you can get such deliciously-plump fresh strawberries.

6. Tanah Rata Night Stroll

The night-life scene at Cameron Highlands is not that big of a deal like in Kuala Lumpur. But, that's exactly the point of your weekend retreat. Enjoy a relaxing and vibrant stroll in Tanah Rata at night! You can also visit Cameron Highland's famous night market.

7. Best Food Hunt Experience

Themed cafes, cake houses and restaurants serving Western, Chinese, Indian and Malay cuisines are mushrooming in Cameron Highlands and if you are a travel foodie, this is your chance to go on a food hunt! From hot steamboats to freshly-baked pastries, you will stumble upon great finds at every corner.

8. Grocery Shopping from Fresh Produce

Just before you head back home, get hold of Cameron's fresh vegetables and flowers to bring back with you. Not just the vegetables are cheaper but also fresh from the farms, making it more delicious when cooked!