The Tamilan Lion Dance Team Rawang, also known as Persatuan Tarian Singa Tai Yen, is a shining example of breaking cultural barriers with the steadfast leadership of 38-year-old Achi Babu. For the past four years, this distinctive all-Indian lion dance troupe has been a regular presence at various cultural events, including Indian temple ceremonies, birthdays, and restaurant openings, gaining heightened demand during the Chinese New Year festivities. The 15-member strong troupe, ranging in age from 10 to 43, exemplifies commitment and passion for their craft.

Babu, the driving force behind this endeavor, shares a profound connection with the art form, emphasizing the importance of continuing his late sifu's legacy. The troupe's base at Rawang's Sri Maha Thurkai Amman temple serves as a training ground, where members undergo rigorous three-hour sessions, blending drumming and lion dancing. Despite initial skepticism and personal hardships, Babu's determination led to the revival of the troupe in 2020, rebranded and ready to defy expectations.

While facing challenges, Babu envisions a future that transcends mere performances. His aspirations include securing a place in the Malaysia Book of Records and participating in the prestigious Genting World Lion Dance Championship.

The troupe's dedication goes beyond entertainment, as each lion head used in their performances is dedicated to a specific Hindu deity, showcasing a harmonious fusion of cultural elements.

Babu's ultimate goal is not only to perform but to contribute to the cultural landscape, earning recognition for his team's unique blend of tradition and innovation. His unwavering commitment reflects a profound connection to the art form and a determination to honor and carry forward the legacy instilled by his late mentor.

Source / Image Credit : FMT