According to Hindu astrology, Sani Peyarchi refers to the time Lord Sani transits from one house to another in our birth chart.

Sani Peyarchi only occurs every three years once and will be moving from Thanasu Rasi to Makaram Rasi on the 24th of January 2020.

In Hinduism, it is believed that Sani Peyarchi will greatly affect our life, giving us huge gains or losses. Here's how the upcoming transit will affect the raasi:


Mesham natives will receive favourable benefits from the transit. Previously, they might have faced family separation and ill health. However, this transit will be the time they recover everything that they've lost- it will be both profitable and lucky. Previous problems will settle one by one, and their health will improve as well.


Rishabam natives might have faced problems such as misunderstanding between their family members, piling debts and ill health. But this Sani transit will give them big financial gain and help to reduce their debts. Their family-ties will improve, marriage obstacles will remove and they will be able to buy properties and vehicles as planned.


The benefits for Mithunam natives will be moderate as this rasi is going through the period of 2.5-year Asthama Sani. They might face challenges and obstacles in their career and business. Avoid lending or borrowing money from others; Be cautious when driving, and avoid arguments and misunderstandings. Expenses might also increase because of children.


Kadagam natives are workaholics and this transit will give them the opportunity to lead others. Change is the biggest benefit Kadagam natives will receive this time. Their efforts will be fruitful if they want to have a career change, or move to oversea. After several obstacles, marriages will happen as planned - but they must give and take with their spouse to avoid arguments. Pay more focus on health.


It's time Simmam native identifies and defeat their enemies. This transit will show them ways to reduce their debts, problems, and expenses. Migrating to a different country will also go as planned. The obstacle in marriage and having offsprings will remove. Focus on your health and avoid unnecessary expenses.


Previous Sani Peyarchi was not favourable to Kanni natives as they might have been unhappy with their career, lost their job, lost focus, became stressed, faced health-related problems and so on. Now their luck will improve as their 2.5-year Astama Sani has ended. Marriages will proceed as planned, family members will reunite, wealth will increase and they will be more peaceful.


Thulam natives will have a favourable Sani transit as they will have wealth gain, reduced problems, and debts. A career change will bring positive impact, however, responsibility at work will increase. The obstacle in marriage and having offsprings will remove. Please pay extra attention to health.


Viruchagam natives can finally relief as their 7.5-year Sani is coming to an end. There were career, family and financial problems all the while, but now they can finally sit back and relax. After this transit, they will be peaceful, receive good income, reunited with family, have improved health and their wishes will come true.


Thanasu natives are still undergoing 7.5-year Sani, but the difficult phase of Jhenma Sani is over. Even though the obstacles and problems will remain, yet its severity will reduce compared to before. Finances, family-ties, and health will start improving. Avoid lending or borrowing money, and be careful when driving.


7.5-year Sani is still on-going for Makaram natives. However, this Sani transit will not give a huge negative impact on them as their favourable god is nothing but Lord Sani himself. There will be big financial gain and their career will improve tremendously. But increased responsibility might reduce the time they spend with their family. Marriages might also get postponed.


7.5- year Sani is beginning for the Kumbham natives and this might increase their expenses and debts. Since Viraya Sani will drain your money, it's better to spend it by buying properties or jewellery instead. Life will be full of ups and downs, so avoid arguments with others, take care of your health and be patience.


Everything is about profit and gain for Meenam natives this time. Their careers will improve and tons of opportunities will come their way. Most of their attempts will be successful and their problems and obstacles will reduce.