Sarvysswharrann Yogeswaran who has earned the limelight back-to-back in various aviation competitions has once again made it to the headlines as he is gearing up for America's Got Talent Season 19 Auditions!

Being the roman numeral mavrick - the gem is about to rise as the 1st Human Roman Numeral Coverter, turning numbers into Roman numerals up t0 1,000,000 (Billion).

In 2022, the 12-year-old attempted to break one of the most prestigious Guinness World Records, "Most airlines recognised by their aircraft tails in one minute." By naming 86 airlines, he surpassed the previous record of 57.

His talents extend beyond aviation as the talented boy also broke the Kids World Record, an online platform based in Canada that recognises young people for their outstanding achievements, by naming 213 different types of aircraft in just six minutes.

Aside from aviation, Sarvysswharan has also set the Kids World Record for naming 200 dinosaurs in two minutes and 36 seconds, as well as the Guinness World Record for the “fastest time to stack 20 Lego bricks” – 28 seconds, beating the previous record of 45.

Sarvysswharran is known not only for his intellectual abilities, but also for his prowess in chess. The seasoned chess player who represented Malaysia in the virtual Asian Schools Chess Championship, he also broke the Guinness World Record for the fastest time to pack a school bag and set yet another children's world record for reciting 200 countries in one minute and 54 seconds.

Best wishes for your future endeavours, champ!