In the wake of a tragic accident during the Thaipusam celebration in February 2018, where a firecracker explosion left Savithra Ranjeet Kumar and his father injured, Savithra found inspiration amidst adversity.

Witnessing the devastation caused to his father's crops due to inadequate care during their recovery period sparked a visionary idea in Savithra's young mind – to develop a smart farming system that could autonomously care for plants. At just 11 years old, Savithra began conceptualising his invention, which later earned him a gold award at the Innovation and Invention Exhibition in India in 2019.

Collaborating with fellow students under the guidance of the Ibrahim Sungai Petani Middle School Innovation Club, Savithra's invention underwent significant improvements, culminating in several awards at national and international exhibitions. The innovative system, designed to automate irrigation and fertilization based on soil moisture and nutrient levels, not only enhances agricultural efficiency but also aligns with government initiatives to cultivate interest in agriculture among the younger generation.

The success of Savithra and his team not only underscores the importance of STEM education but also serves as a testament to the potential of youth-led innovation in driving societal progress. With the establishment of a start-up company to commercialize the invention and support from educational institutions and government agencies, the future of smart farming in Malaysia looks promising.

Source / Image Credit : Buletin TV3