Navarathri marks the defeat of the demon Mahishasuran by the Goddess Durga, which symbolizes the victory of good over evil. During these nine days, the devotees fast and offer their prayers to the goddess.

Here are the scientific reasons behind fasting on Navarathri:

Detoxify your body

Navarathri usually falls during the time where the season changes. And when the weather changes, our bodies are prone to fall sick. So avoiding foods such as meat, alcohol, grains, and so on during this time, as well as fasting helps to purify and detoxify our body.

Create mindfulness

When you fast, your digestive system is at rest, making you feel at ease. This creates a sense of calmness within yourself and helps to improve your mindfulness.

Develop self-discipline

When you control yourself by not eating certain foods that you've constantly eaten before, you are breaking the pattern you've been following for years. This helps to develop self-discipline.

Aid with weight loss

Fasting aid weight loss much effectively than dieting. It is one of the safest ways to shed extra pounds by improving your metabolism rate.