"Never be so polite, you forget your power. Never wield such power, you forget to be polite."

This sage advice from Marjorie Finlay was immortalized by her granddaughter, Taylor Swift, in the song "Marjorie." This message underscores a crucial principle for women today: to raise their voices and stand firm in their beliefs, all while maintaining grace and feminine energy. This theme resonates strongly in our selection of inspiring TED talks by women who are champions of women's issues and strive to build a more inclusive society.

One such inspiring leader is Selvamalar Selvaraju, CEO of PRIMUS Wellness. Her recent talk at TEDxSchaan captivated the audience and provoked deep reflection.

Embracing Challenges and Overcoming Barriers

Recently, Selvamalar shared powerful insights on the inevitability of challenges and the choice of not being defeated. She highlighted the myriad barriers women face—societal, cultural, and systemic—and posed critical questions: Who builds these barriers? Why do they exist? How can we dismantle them?

Watch the insightful video below:

With over 15 years of experience, Selvamalar has been a passionate advocate for the development and empowerment of underprivileged women, children, and minorities in Malaysia. Her innovative concepts and initiatives have strengthened her organization's mission, leading new projects and maintaining team morale even during times of uncertainty and change.

Leadership and Impact

As a powerful woman, she held key positions in various organizations and has a vast professional network encompassing government agencies, corporates, and non-profits. Renowned for her dedication, passion, and exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, her expertise is highly sought after. Her commitment to unlocking human potential has been a guiding force in developing her leadership abilities and mentoring others.

PRIMUS Wellness: A Sustainable Approach

Speaking about PRIMUS Wellness, under Selvamalar's leadership, owns 35 acres of land in Kalumpang, Selangor, dedicated to the cultivation of moringa trees and other herbs. Recognized for their nutritional benefits, moringa leaves are processed into various end-products such as shampoo and powder. These products are then sold by single mothers and low-income individuals, who are coached and mentored to ensure increased income and self-sufficiency.

Selvamalar emphasizes that direct cash assistance is not a sustainable solution for financially vulnerable groups. Instead, guiding these individuals into viable, income-generating business models with robust coaching and support is crucial for their long-term financial independence, especially in the aftermath of the pandemic.

As we continue to champion women's issues and strive for a more inclusive society, leaders like Selvamalar remind us of the importance of passion, perseverance, and the unwavering belief in human potential. Malar, you're a true inspiration!

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Source / Image Credit : TEDxSchaan