And here we are at the Semi Final 1 of Big Stage Tamil Season 2, where anticipation meets fierce competition as contestants deliver standout performances under the watchful eyes of our esteemed judges. Let's delve into the memorable moments and insightful critiques from this electrifying episode:

1. Nehsan mesmerized the audience with "Mazhai Thuli" to kick off Semi Final 1. In the second round, he received high praise from the judges. Dr. Burn hailed Nehsan's performance as his absolute best, while Yogi B was spellbound by his sheer brilliance.

2. Yassaskaran chosed "Nadhiye Nadhiye" and showcased a gift for emotively expressing the lyrics. Preetha acknowledged Yasskaran's lyrical depth, and Yogi B appreciated his seamless transition between English and Tamil verses.

3. Ruhan opted for "Udhaya Udhaya" in the first round, impressing Dr. Burn with mastery over the challenging song 'Ballelaka'. Despite a pitch issue noted by Yogi B, Ruhan's effort was acknowledged.

4. Shirley delivered the soul-stirring "Kannalane". Preetha commended Shirley's attitude but advised honing pronunciation and notes. Yogi B noted improvement potential, highlighting a need to address flatness in performance.

5. Berma set the stage on fire with "Mayya Mayya" in Round One, captivating the audience. In the second round, Dr. Burn applauded Berma's emotional rendition of 'Enga Pona Raasa' despite note issues. Yogi B recognized her talent but saw untapped potential waiting to be unleashed.

6. Chaaruhasne began with "Aiyo Pathikiche" despite battling a swollen vocal cord. Yogi B offered heartfelt advice, commending her resilience. The judges were impressed by her determination, with Dr. Burn expressing interest in a future collaboration.

There’s no denying that, each contestant brought their unique flair to the Semi Final, showcasing talent, resilience, and potential. Stay tuned for more thrilling performances in the next rounds of Big Stage Tamil Season 2!