Ready to cook up a storm? "Semmaiyaana Saapaadu" has all the recipes you need, just a touch away!

Prawn Masala - Episode 6


1. 2kg 30/40 White Prawn Clean (Shell keep for stock)

2. 150ml Coconut Oil

3. 150gm Slice Onion

4. 30gm Ginger Blend

5. 30gm Garlic Blend

6. 8gm Fresh Turmeric Blend

7. 200gm Freshly Blend seafood Masala

8. 2liter Prawn Stock

9. 1liter Fernleaf Milk

10.50ml Assam Jawa

11.20gm Salt to taste

12.1bunch Curry leaf

13.15gm Halba Campur

14.100gm Red & Green & Tomato

Seafood Masala (for grainting)

1. 30gm Fenugreek

2. 30gm Cummin seed

3. 30gm Fennel seed

4. 20gm Caraway seed

5. 30gm Mustard seed

6. 20gm Nutmeg seed

7. 5 nos Garlic

8. 30gm Fresh Turmeric

9. 30gm Soaked Dry chili

10.100gm Fresh Red Chili


1. Take aluminum wok pour in cooking oil till half the wok till hot,

2. Wash the prawn and strain well without water add in turmeric paste and salt

3. Fried the prawn with hot oil for just a minute that prawn become cooked firm hard prawn

4. Take big claypot add in coconut oil with halba campur and curry leaf

5. Add in the onion, ginger, garlic till saute well and soft add the seafood masala cooked with Fernleaf milk and Seafood stock

6. Bring to boiled add Fried prawn and salt to taste

7. Garnish with red, green and tomato

Coconut Rice (10 Pax)


1. 2 kg Berasmati Rice (Agra brand) Soaked for 30 minutes

2. 150ml Fernleaf Butter

3. 2 stick Cinnamon

4. 5pods Cardamon

5. 5florets Cloves

6. 3nos Star anis

7. 100gm Slice Onion

8. 30gm Chopped Garlic

9. 30gm Chopped Ginger

10.1no Grated Coconut

11.1no Coconut milk

12.1stalk Pandan Leaf

13.20gm Saute Cashew nut and Raisin

14.1btl Rose water

15.20gm Chopped Coriander leaf


1. Fried the grated coconut till golden brown with less Fernleaf butter

2. Soak the beramati rice for 30 minutes

3. Take big aluminum rice pot add the Fernleaf butter in the pot add in the cinnamon, cardamon, cloves, star anis, pandan leaf, till flavour

4. Add in Slice onion, ginger, garlic till golden brown, add the 2 litre fresh coconut milk

5. Bring to the boiling point add in the soaked berasmati rice in add salt to taste

6. Cooked the rice for 10 minutes in low fire, after 10 minutes put very low flame and close the lid for another 15 minutes

7. Open lid add the grated coconut on top and mix it well with rice using wooden spoon

8. Garnish with cashew nut, raisin and coriander leaf and serve

Methi Malai Cream Chicken (Episode 5)


1. 2 no Cut Chicken into cube

2. 250 ml Cooking Oil

3. 250 gm Slice Onion

4. 50 gm Ginger

5. 50 gm Garlic paste

6. 1 liter Fernleaf Milk

7. 3 no Bay leaf

8. 10 gm Methi Leaf

9. 30gm Mix Fenugreek mix

For Paste

1. 30 gm Turmeric

2. 150 gm Red Chili

3. 100 gm Chili Padi

4. 30 gm Dry Chili

5. 50gm Garlic bulb

6. 50 gm Fenugreek seed

7. 30 gm Cummin seed

Garam Masala Powder

1. 30 gm Cinnamon, Cloves, Cardamon, Star anis Grinded

2. 150gm Cashew nut Grinded to fine


1. Heat up the wok add in the cooking oil after heated up oil add in the slice onion, ginger, garlic, methi leaf, fenugreek mix and bay leaf sauté till golden brown

2. Add in the Masala paste till oil breaks and add in the chicken with cut into small cube add in 500ml of water till the chicken is cooked

3. While the chicken cooked well add the Fernleaf milk and add in the salt to taste

4. Lastly add roasted grind cummin and fenugreek and methi leaf powder in the frequent gravy and served hot with Methu flavor

Masala Pappad


1. Big Round Pappum fried

2. Chopped Onion

3. Chopped Green and Red Chili

4. Fresh Tomato cut into small cube

5. Chopped Coriander leaf

6. Lemon juice

7. Roasted Cummin

8. Salt to taste


1. Add u the all the ingredients with cummin and salt springle all around the fried papadum with chop coriander leaf

Sweet Kesari topped with cube dragon fruit Recipe


1. 1kg Rava Flour toasted(Semolina)

2. 1liter Water

3. 2liter Fernleaf Milk

4. 500gm Sugar

5. 10gm Salt

6. 50gm Raisin

7. 50gm Cashew nut

8. 10gm Vermicelli

9. 10no Cardamon crush

10.1gm Saffron trend

11.250ml Ghee Oil


1. Take wok heat up the ghee oil fried the cashew nut, raisin and vermicelli and set aside

2. with same ghee oil and in the sugar and water to boil

3. Now add in the Fernleaf milk and bring to boil gradually add in the saffron trend till change colour add in the roasted semolina flour to make into batter while the batter is hard adding in more Fernleaf milk till normal firm is enough to spread firm in the tray and add in the raisin, cashew nut and vermicelli

4. Take a tray rub the tray with ghee oil on the tray to prevent not stick on the tray add the cooked kesari on the tray make it equally spreader around the tray and aside

5. Cut the red dragon fruit cut into small cube and set aside

6. Now Cold down the kesari sprinkle around the cut cube dragon fruit around the tray

7. Cut into uniform cube and served.

Lemang in Bamboo - Episode 4


1. 2kg Beras Biasa Soaked for 30 minutes

2. 1 liter Fernleaf Fresh Milk

3. 50gm Salt to taste

4. 50gm Ginger

5. 10no Banana leaf

6. 5no Bamboo


1. Wash the rice thoroughly and strain the water using colander basket

2. Wash the bamboo very clean without any dirt inside the bamboo holes

3. Clean the banana leaf with running water and dry it with clean cloth

4. Roll the banana leaf inside the bamboo leave set a side

5. Add the fresh Fernleaf milk with salt boil it for few minutes and let it cool the milk

6. Now adds in the cool milk and soaked rice together the milk the rice should lever,

7. Stuffed in the bamboo using small spoon or fennel scoop for stuffing do not stuff till top only fill up haft the bamboo

8. Place the bamboo on heat flame turn in frequently till its cook it takes near 3 to 4 hours to cook.

9. Went it cook rest it for 2 hour, cut open the lemang bamboo cut into small round shape and served with rendang.

Chicken Rendang 2 nos of Chicken

Ingredients (Grainding use artu khalu)

1. 2 no Chicken Cut into 16 pcs

2. 5no Onion slice

3. 10no Garlic grind

4. 50gm Ginger grind

5. 50gm Turmeric

6. 50gm Galangal (Lengkuas)

7. 50gm Serai

8. 3leaf Daun Kunyit

9. 6leaf Daun limau purut

10. 2 liter Fresh Fernleaf Milk

11.1 no Fresh Coconut grated

12.30gm Dry Chili soaked

13.50gm Fresh Red Chili

14.20gm Chili Padi green


1. Saute the grated coconut till golden brown and put a side for grinding

2. Take big wok add in the cooking oil heat up till hot by take the cut chicken marinate with turmeric paste and salt mix it equal well, fried the chicken till its cooked medium well

3. Take another wok pour in coconut oil till heat, mash 3 nos of serai and daun limau purut in the oil till frequent add in slice onion, ginger, garlic, till its fried golden add in the rendang paste and 500ml water

4. Now the ingredients fried in golden brown add in the fresh Fernleaf milk till boiling point add the chicken cook it for 10 minutes add salt to taste

5. Add in julienne daun Kunyit, daun limau and stir well saute coconut grinding till frequent rise and served.

Rendang Paste

50gm Serai

50gm Lengkuas

30gm Kunyit Hidup

30gm Chili kering

50gm Red Chili

30gm Red Chili Padi

20gm Green Chili

Chicken Dhalcha Gravy - Episode 3


1. 2nos (1.5kg) Whole Chicken cut 8

2. 3nos Cinnamon Stick

3. 6pod Cardamon Seed

4. 10nos Cloves

5. 4nos Star anis

6. 3nos Slice Red Onion

7. 30gm Garlic Chop

8. 30gm Ginger Chop

9. 150gm Meat Curry powder

10. 20gm Garam Masala

11. 20gm Coriander powder

12. 20gm Cummin powder

13. 20gm Fennel Power

14. 20gm Turmeric powder

15. 150gm Mysore Dhal

16. 5gm Asafoedita powder

17. 20gm Salt to taste

18. 6nos Red and Green Chili Cut haft

19. 3nos Red Tomato cut wedges

20. 5nos Medium Potato cut cube

21. 2nos Carrot cut cube

22. 1 bunch Curry leaves


1. Soak the Mysore dhal for 30 minutes, and wash the clean and string

2. Take big claypot pour in coconut oil heat with medium flame add in the cinnamon, cloves, cardamon, star anis and curry leave saute till flavor

3. Add in onion, ginger, garlic and saute till golden brown and then add the cut chicken and stir for 5 minutes add in the meat curry , coriander, cummin, fennel, garam masala powder and stir for 5 minutes

4. Add in potato, carrot, dhal and let it cooked for 10 minutes

5. Let be in low flame add the chilies, tomato, turmeric powder and salt to taste and cook for 5 minutes till the chicken and potato well cook

6. Dish out from the claypot layout on nice decorated claypot on banana leaf garnish with chop coriander leaf

Kachambar Salad 10 serving - Episode 3


1. 2nos Cucumber cut cube

2. 3nos Red Tomato cut cube

3. 2nos White (Holand) Onion cut cube

4. 1no Red Capsicum cut Cube

5. 1no Green Capsicum cut cube

6. 1no Yellow Capsicum cut cube

7. 1no Lemon Juice

8. 10gm Coriander Leaf Chop

9. 5gm Crush Black pepper

10.1pinch Chat Masala

11.150ml Fernleaf Yoghurt

12.10gm Salt to taste

13.1pnch Sugar


1. Mix item 1 to 6 in big salad bowl, add in items 7 to 13 into mixed salad

2. Courted well with all mixer crush black pepper, chat masala, Fernleaf yoghurt, salt, lemon juice and sugar

3. Garnish with Chopped Green and Red Chili seedless

Mutton Sambal (Episode 2)


1. 3kg Mutton Leg cut cube boiled soft

2. 150ml Cooking oil add in ghee

3. 350gm Slice Red Onion

4. 100gm Ginger blend

5. 100gm Garlic blend

6. 30gm Turmeric blend

7. 50gm Dry chili soaked for 30 minutes blend fine

8. 3stalk Serai blended

9. 3 stick Cinnamon

10.5 no Clove

11.3nos Star anis

12.5pod Cardamon

13.30mil Assam java

14.20gm Salt to taste

15.10gm Sugar to taste


1. Take big pot add in the cooking oil and QBB oil till medium heat add in the bay leaf, cinnamon, clove, cardamon, star anis,

2. Add in onion, garlic, ginger, serai, blended dry chili saute till the oil break in between the spices.

3. Add in the boiled mutton add in salt and turmeric paste and assam jawa juice and Fernleaf milk

4. Boiled till its soft and tender taste normal spicy and herbs taste

Ghee Rice (Episode 2)


1. 2kgs Berasmati(Agra brand) soak for 30 minutes

2. 150ml QBB Ghee

3. 100gm Slice red onion

4. 30gm Ginger chopped

5. 30gm Garlic Chopped

6. 2nos Cinnamon Stick

7. 5nos Cloves

8. 5pod Cardamon

9. 3nos Star anis

10.3nos Bay leaf t

11.2liter Vegetable Stock (Carrot, Celery, Onion, Coriander)

12.500ml Fernleaf Milk

13.20gm Fried Raisin and Cashnet

14.10gm Fried Golden Shallot

15.5ml Drop Rose water


1. Soaked Berasmati rice strain with sieve till no water remain

2. Boil the Vegetable Stock 3 litres water for 30 minutes to get the vegetable flavour with medium flame

3. Take big claypot heat up Ghee and add in cinnamon, clove, cardamon, star anis, bay leaf till flavour add in slice onion, ginger, garlic, till golden brown

4. Add in the vegetable stock as measure for 2 litre and rice 2kg, salt to taste boil for 10 minutes at medium flame and close the for another 10 minutes with no flame do not open the lid

5. After 10 minutes open lid and taste the rice soft enough eat

6. Garnish with fried shallot, cashunet , raisin and rose water for flavour

Bamboo Chicken Sambal (Episode 1)



1. Cut chicken wash it clean and strain till no water add in turmeric powder and salt mixed well

2. Take wok fill in cooking oil heat up till moderate heat fried the chicken till cooked till medium and lay it in tray

3. Take cooking pot add in coconut oil till heat up add the grinded serai, lengkuas, turmeric, onion, ginger, garlic, dry chili, fresh chili, chili padi saute till soft and golden brown,

4. Now the spices being saute well and ingredients and the oil breaks till flavor now add in the water and boil for few minutes add the assam jawa boil for few minutes

5. Add Fernleaf milk and bring to boil add in the chicken stir well

6. Now wait for the Briyani Rice to cook for stuffing.

Bamboo Plain Briyani



Garam Malasa


1. Wash the bamboo till no fern inside bamboo holes

2. Fold the lerek leaf insert and put a side

3. Boil 20 no egg and peel it

4. Make dough with water and flour with salt

5. 2 kg Basmathi Rice soak for 30 minutes and strain it in colander

6. Take big pot heat the ghee oil with onion, ginger, garlic with bayleaf till golden brown

7. Add in the turmeric, briyani masala, garam masala add in 2.5 liter water with Fernleaf yoghurt stir it well till frequent

8. Now mix the spices with fresh Fernleaf milk bring it to boil

9. Add in the soaked rice being strain with no water into the briyani broth

10.Cook for 12 minutes and lower the flame with low intensify heat and do not open the cover for 20 minutes

11.Open the cover lid after 20 minutes add in the saffron trend being soaked in rose water sprinkle around the rice and stir it equally.

12.Now take bamboo being insert with lerek leaf first stuff in the briyani rice about 2 big spoon and in one chuck chicken sambal with gravy add in one boil egg with a few cashew nut and raisin and now again add in 2 big spoon briyani rice add 2 chuck sambal chicken and boil egg with a few cashew nut and raisin now we add in 1 teaspoon of ghee on top of the rice cover with lerek leaf tight sack string around the bamboo and let set a side.

13.Heat up the big cooking pot with lower water bring in to boil put in stuffed Bamboo Sambal Chicken Briyani in the pot make sure it stands with lower water lever with boiling water.

14.Take the dough that has made from water and flour with salt make pipping roll cover around the edge of the cover fully put on the lid on top of the pot that cover the dough press hard till there no steam escape from the pot put on top of lid some heavy items to hold the steam does not escape

15.Steam about 20 minutes remove the heavy item slowly take out dough around the lid and open it.

16.Now is ready to serve open string and served on the banana leaf with mooru ice.

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