Taking a selfie has become a norm nowadays. From pre-school children, to teens and seniors, people can't just resist taking photos of themselves against a background they want to highlight, cherish, and remember.

It's well and fine, but just remember that all selfies or wefies (group selfies) are worth posting on social media, as they may cause you embarassment, cost your privacy, or worse, get you in trouble with the law.

Below are some examples of the types selfies that you shouldn't share on social media:

1) Selfie with embarassing backgrounds

You may not notice it, but the selfie you just shared on social media may contain images of the pile of unwashed clothes on the bed, or the unwashed, grimy, toilet, if you are snapping a bathroom selfie.

One such example is a man who posted on Reddit that he "hated" his girlfriend for taking a picture of himself sleeping, while the reflection on the mirror clearly showed that he snapped the photo himself using his toes. Needless to say, the man received the complete opposite type of attention after posting the snap, than the one he had anticipated.

2) Selfie with money/other valuables

You may take photos of you having a stack of cash, or other valuables, but it is not okay to share such photos on social media, as they may invite burglars to target you. Simply put, it's alright to be proud of what you have, but not okay to show it off to the whole world.

3) Selfie with illegal weapons/substance

This is a clear-cut one. Being in possession of an unlicensed weapon or illegal substance is wrong and punishable by law, so you are only extending the red carpet to the law enforcement officers to knock on your door by posting that selfie of you smoking that marijuana joint with a firearm in hand.

4) Selfie while voting

Using your mobile phone inside a polling booth is generally not allowed in many places. However, if you happen to carry it in somehow and take a picture of your ballot paper, DO NOT share it on social media. You may be an ardent supporter of a particular political party, but you are still not allowed to share pictures of your vote to spread the word to vote.

5) Selfie when high/drunk

It is alright to snap pictures when you are out with a group of close friends and chugging down a few old ones, for the sake of reminiscing the moments and laughing at them. However, it is not alright to post such pictures on social media, let alone on a regular basis, as it can harm your reputation, and worse, pour cold water on your chance of securing your dream job.

This is because in today's world, many employers are checking their potential employee's social media presence beforehand, and seeing them constantly drunk is not going to help in any way.

6) Selfie with confidential documents

Be it your birth certificate, identity card, or your flight boarding pass, DO NOT share them on social media. This is because unscrupulous parties can manipulate the information contained within to cost you financial, legal, and social harm.

If you have to somehow have to share it online, make sure you blur out or black out the critical information on the documents beforehand.

7) Selfie while breaking the law

Speeding beyond the speed limit, trespassing into a restricted area, or scaling the high telecommunication tower to get the adrenaline rush? Just don't do these at all. If you do after all, DO NOT take pictures of you breaking the law, as they may land you in trouble with the authorities.

There have been cases where people have died while trying to take selfie near moving trains and at the edge of steep cliffs, waterfalls, or other bodies of water.

So there you have it - a list of selfies you should never take. The next time you set your front camera on and set yourself against a capturable background, remember that your reputation, freedom, and life, are more precious than the amount of likes, shares and attention that you will ever get for your social media post.

Source: makeuseof.com
Photo source: pexels, dailymail, istockphoto