Renowned filmmaker Lokesh Kanagaraj is poised to step into a new realm as an actor in the upcoming music video "Inimel," produced by Kamal Haasan's esteemed production house, Raaj Kamal Films International. Crafted and performed by Shruti Haasan, "Inimel" promises to be a contemporary love song tailored for the Gen-Z audience.

Despite Lokesh's reputation for helming intense action films with tragic romantic undertones, Shruti's decision to cast him sparked a wave of curiosity and intrigue. While Lokesh's cinematic repertoire may not align with conventional notions of romance, he adamantly defends his storytelling choices, asserting that narrative requirements often dictate thematic outcomes.

In a candid interview, Lokesh admits to initial apprehension about accepting the acting offer for "Inimel," emphasizing his reverence for the opportunity presented by RKFI. The prospect of collaborating with his mentor, Kamal Haasan, both as a lyricist and a creative force, imbued the project with added significance, deepening the mentor-mentee relationship they share.

Looking on his multifaceted journey from directing Kamal to acting in a song penned by him, Lokesh expresses humility and uncertainty about his suitability for the role. Despite his reservations, Shruti Haasan reveals unwavering confidence in Lokesh's artistic capabilities, recognizing his innate potential to shine in front of the camera.

Shruti further elucidates her rationale behind the unexpected pairing, citing a desire for authenticity and spontaneity in storytelling. By eschewing conventional casting choices, she aims to infuse the music video with a refreshing energy that resonates with real-life experiences, embodying the ethos of unexpected encounters and creative synergies.

Source / Image Credit : The Hindu , India Today