A major concern for many people while being away on long vacations is watering their plants.

To overcome this problem, a pair of siblings from Selangor have invented a Bluetooth-based plant-watering system that allows them to tend to their greens remotely via smart devices.

For their creation, Suthiksha Baloo, 12, and her brother Narashimma Naidu Baloo, 10, from SK Taman Megah, won the gold medal at the Asian Innovative Science, Environmental and Entrepreneur Fair, held in Semarang, Indonesia, from Feb 2 -5, reported New Straits Times (NST).

The siblings beat 447 participants and teams from 20 countries to bag the top prize with their invention, which is suitable to irrigate crops in small and medium-sized farms.

According to the report, the pair have aimed to expand their system's wireless connections to include Wi-Fi enabled services, which if comes to fruition, would allow users to water their plants at home from anywhere in the country.

The young inventors' mother Rajeswari Narasingam, 51, told the daily that her children developed interest in innovating things after they attended classes on the Internet of Things (IoT) for young children, in 2020.

Since she herself was not familiar with the concept, Rajeswari initially thought that her kids would get bored over the technical skills taught in the classes.

"But they gradually gained confidence and became more enthusiastic to invent and innovate.

"In the last two years, Suthiksha and Narashimma have won 11 gold, three silver and four bronze medals at innovation competitions that were held virtually in India, Turkey and Nigeria," she told the daily.

Rajeswari lauded the Malaysia Innovation, Invention and Creativity Association (MIICA) for playing a pivotal role in encouraging her children to promote their inventions on international platforms.

In fact, some of the judges were so impressed with the plant-watering system that they said it was equivalent to a "doctorate (PhD) project" she added proudly.

Congratulations Suthiksha and Narashimma! You both have indeed made your parents, school, and the country proud.

Wishing you both all the best in winning more awards in the future!

Source & Photo source: NST