Ponggal is one of world's most popular harvesting festival which is grandly celebrated by Hindus all over the world.

This festival is observed for four days as a way to thank our nature, which provides us everything to helps us sustain.

Bhogi Ponggal, Thai Ponggal and Maattu Ponggal are celebrated during the first 3 days of the festival, followed by Kaanum Ponggal or Kanni Ponggal on the fourth day.

Kaanum Ponggal and Kanni Ponggal fall on the same day, but the method of celebration is quite different.

Kaanum referred to 'viewing and seeing' which means, family members and friends gather together during Kaanum Ponggal celebration to spend time together and have a good time. After thanking nature, it's time to finally appreciate our family and friends.

Meanwhile, Kanni referred to 'virgin girls', whereby Kanni Ponggal is celebrated for fertility.

In some rural parts and villages, farmers pray to Saptha Kannimaar (7 virgin goddesses) with the belief that they will bless their lands to be fertile.

Thus, unmarried virgin girls are honoured as Saptha Kannimaar's on this day and will be presented with clothes and jewellery. They will be treated like princesses on this day and this also creates opportunities for families to search for potential brides. The young maidens also pray on this day to get a good husband.

Source: Sharmalan Thevar Blog, NST and Pongal Festival
Image Credit: The Star, India Mike, NDTV, Dinamani