It has become a custom to light oil lamps and colourful lights during Deepavali. Since Deepavali is a celebration which symbolizes the triumph of light over darkness, it is also referred to as the festival of lights.

So what is the significance of lighting lamps?

Falls during a new moon

These days, we lit lights which keep our house bright all the time. But in those days, it was necessary to lit oil lamp to get rid of darkness. It is because Deepavali falls during a new moon (ammavasai) and during this time the earth gets a less amount of light. Thus, lighting lamps were necessary on those days, which had turned into a custom over time.

Symbolizes unity

It is also said that the light signifies unity. A light is capable of lighting other lamps without affecting its own light. And Deepavali is a festival which also emphasizes 'togetherness' among friends, families, and acquaintances. Thus, lighting lamps on Deepavali mean that besides lighting lamps to keep our home bright, we should also shed light on the lives of our loved ones.

This Deepavali, let's keep our old tradition alive!

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Sourced from: SBS
Image credit: MysticXpressions, VideoBlocks and TheIndependantTBD