The most-awaited Poochorithal festival, a celebration of showering Samayapurathu Mariamman with flowers, is conducted annually in the Arulmigu Mariamman Temple at Samayapuram, Tiruchi. This year, this festival will be celebrated from 13th March to 10th April 2022.

The 28-days long festival marks the commencement of the sacred fast known as 'Pachai Pattini Viratham' which is believed to be observed by Goddess Mariamman for 28 days - beginning from the last Sunday of the Tamil month 'Maasi' up to the last Sunday of 'Pangguni'. On these Sundays, the temple will be crowded with devotees from all walks of life who offer flowers to the goddess.

During the fasting period, only 'Thullu Maavu' which is made of buttermilk, sugarcane juice, and tender coconut juice will be offered to the deity instead of the regular food offering (neiveidyam) known as 'Thaligai'. This century-old practice is conducted annually with the belief that the goddess observes 28-day fasting for the welfare of the public. Learn more about the Poochorithal festival here:

Source: Aathma Gnana Maiyam, Times of India & The Hindu