Indeed a heartwarming story!

It's always great to hear about employers who go out of their way to show appreciation and support for their employees.

But for this construction supervisor A. Marimuthu - it was a momentous occasion that he'll never forget as his employer (Mr. Yeow) flew all the way to India to make a surprise appearance at the ceremony and it was a moment that was truly special.

Yeow's gesture of traveling to India to attend Mr. Marimuthu's wedding is truly remarkable and shows the strong bond and mutual respect between them. It's also heartening to see that Yeow took the time to participate in and appreciate his cultural traditions, such as accompanying him on a horse carriage to the temple.

The migrant worker told Tabla SPH that he started working in Singapore at the age of 20 and hasn't taken a break from his job with Lucky Joint Construction since then. Although he was the youngest of four siblings, he had to help pay off his family's obligations.

Regardless of the challenging path, Marimuthu's efforts paid off in 2011 as he was promoted to assistant supervisor. After five years, he was promoted to construction supervisor and began working under Yeow. He stated that he was appreciative of the company's assistance throughout his journey, notably during his shadowy and helpless moments.

Marimuthu's story is a great example of how individuals can make a positive change in their lives through hard work and determination, and how supportive employers can play a crucial role in facilitating this growth and development. It's an inspiring reminder that kindness and compassion can go a long way in creating a positive work environment and fostering loyalty and commitment among employees.

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