Touted to be a beautiful family drama series, Singappeney is currently airing on Astro Vaanavil (CH 201) from Monday to Thursday at 8 PM. The story revolves around two sisters born into a poor family who fights against all odds to set up their food business, elevate their family, and provide employment opportunities for others like them.

Having said that, Astro recently caught up with the director and actors of the series to find out their experience working on it. Here's the interview:

R. Perakas Rajaram, Director:

What is your inspiration behind directing Singappeney?

Singappeney is a family and women empowerment series that many can relate to. This series also recalls the struggles that I went through myself during the pandemic, and that was my inspiration.

Please share your significant memories while directing Singappeney.

I had a chance to work with many artists, even though I'm a pioneer in this industry. It was my first time working with the new generation of artists, and I also got a chance to work with many Singappenn (bold women) on the set where most of the crew were female. I would like to thank ATV Pictures for giving me the opportunity and the entire Singapenney team for an unforgettable shooting experience.

Nithya Shree & Kavitha Sinniah, Cast:

Please tell us about the character you play in Singappeney.

Nithya: The character I play is Sathya who is from a middle-class family. She’s very emotional when it comes to her family and will do anything for their well-being. She’s a loving sister and daughter. This character matches approximately 50% of my real life.

Kavitha: I played Vithya, Sathya’s younger sister. She’s a student who strives to be the best in everything that she does. She’s a futsal team captain as well. She suffers from second child syndrome where she thinks that her parents appreciate her sister more than her. Vithya is a very expressive person. Her emotions are always extreme. When she’s angry she gets ire which sometimes becomes her biggest weakness. Opposite from what I am in real life. I usually go silent if I get angry or sad.

What was your experience like acting in Singappeney?

Nithya: I got a chance to work with numerous local talents. The shooting and production experiences were really good. Thank you for this opportunity.

Kavitha: I enjoyed playing Vithya in Singapenney. I never had a sister in real life so it was fun to have one on screen. And it was so easy and fun to work with my co-artist, Nithya. She was very professional. I had to change my walking and talking style, so I look different from my calm and composed elder sister. I got a chance to work in a setting where most of the cast and crew were women. My assistant director, Sharmini never failed to guide and bring out the character I play throughout the shoot. So, all these made my Singapenney shooting experience an unforgettable one. Big thanks to Annan Sir from ATV Pictures, and to Astro for giving me this opportunity.

Starring Nithya Shree, Kavitha Sinniah, James Devan, Karthik, Lishaa Ling, Maheswaran Manikam & Kalarani, don’t forget to tune in to Singapenney, every Monday to Thursday at 8 PM on Vaanavil. Also available on - On Demand and Astro Go.