Sri Kalyanasundareswarar Temple, also known as Tirumanancheri Udhvaganathar Temple, is a popular pilgrimage site located at Thirumanacheri - a village situated close to the Cauveri River.

The Legend Associated With The Temple...

According to the Hindu legends, Goddess Parvathi was born as a cow on earth after getting cursed, and her brother Lord Vishnu took the form of a cowherd. Once her curse was relieved, she took the form of a woman.

Shivan and Parvathi are believed to have married in Thirumanancheri, with Lord Vishnu arranging the ceremony, and Lord Brahma taking the form of the priest who conducted the marriage.

Thus, Lord Shiva is prayed in the form of Kalyanasundareswarar at this temple and anyone who faces marriage delay and obstacles in getting married has to perform a simple prayer to get married without any issues.

Ways To Remove Marriage Obstacles...

The devotees who wish to remove the obstacles in getting married can perform a 'kalyana archanai' in this temple before and after the wedding by offering two coconuts, two garlands, turmeric, kumkum, camphor, betel nuts, lime fruit, sugar and sugar candy.

After the archanai, the priest will give the garland back to the devotee, who must return the garland to the temple and perform another 'kalyana archanai' with their spouse after marriage.

Many devotees who performed this archanai at the Thirumanancheri temple have claimed to have their boon fulfilled within a year.

Source: Tamil Nadu Tourism and A Wandering Mind