It is a very common tradition in India to sit cross legged on the floor while eating. As you know, this position aids the digestion process.

But is this the only benefit of sitting cross legged on the floor? The answer is No! Astro Ulagam did a research and found astonishing benefits of this sitting position.

1. Longer lifespan

When a person tries to stand up from a seated position without using the hands, it is correlated with a longer life expectancy. It requires flexibility and body strength to sit on the floor comfortably and then to stand up with balance to avoid falls.

2. Strengthens the heart

Sitting on the floor makes you feel warmer and the heart pumps blood for better circulation. So, the blood flows through the heart to other organs. A heart with a good blood circulation is strengthened.

3. Improves posture

Muscles and joints are exposed to unnecessary strains and injuries when we slump onto couches and chairs. Sitting on the floor requires body to be straight with shoulders pushed back. This naturally improves the posture.

4. Makes someone feel humble

There is a reason people meditate on the floor and not in chairs. Sitting on the floor gives you a humble and grateful perspective on others which makes it easier to connect with the spiritual life.

5. Enjoyable life

Sitting on the floor builds strength, flexibility and balance. Life becomes enjoyable without injuries as each activity do not lead to structural problems. The lower back and core becomes strong and you can enjoy hardcore activities in a painless way.

Picture credit: HarvardHealth, DailyGunt and VeryWellMind