The upcoming film "GOAT (The Greatest of All Time)" has garnered immense anticipation ahead of its worldwide release on September 5, 2024, with fans eagerly awaiting updates. Recent buzz surrounding the project intensified with reports suggesting the inclusion of Tamil actor Sivakarthikeyan in the cast.

However, conflicting statements have emerged, casting doubt on Sivakarthikeyan's involvement. Times of New India reached out to the actor's team for confirmation, where sources close to Sivakarthikeyan dismissed the rumours, stating they were unfounded. The source clarified that the actor is currently engrossed in shooting for his projects 'Amaran' and 'SK 23,' dispelling any notion of him taking on cameo roles.

Despite these assertions, official confirmation from both the filmmakers and Sivakarthikeyan himself is awaited. Should the reports of his participation prove accurate, fans can anticipate an exciting collaboration between the acclaimed actor and the highly anticipated project, potentially elevating the film to even greater heights of anticipation.

Source / Image Credit : TimesofIndia, Republic TV