Great news, indeed!

With his charm and intelligence, Sivanathan Thevar Vikram has made our homeland proud by emerging as the champion of Mr World Heritage 2022 during a glittering grand finale held at Mumbai, India.

Besides being a teacher by profession, a dance choreographer, and a fashion model, the young lad has also emerged as a winner in the National Costume and Talent Round category.

Isn’t that impressive and proud to see our Malaysian representative donning our National costume on an international stage?

Check out his costumes below:

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Dubbed the Malay Legacy, this national costume was inspired by the finest literature and historical works of our national language, The Malay Annals, originally titled Salalatus Salatin. This literature depicts the Golden Age of Malacca, one of the greatest kingdoms in the Nusantara, and also beautifully narrates the various rich and historical aspects of the Malay race.

"Taking inspiration from the legendary Hang Tuah, Siva showcased the Taming Sari, an iconic Keris used by Hang Tuah himself, and the majestic Palace of the Malacca Sultanate as the backdrop. We finished the look with a bolero shaped like a Keris case and added a design mimicking the Mendam Berahi Ship as the headpiece."

Let's give a special shout out to one of the most reowned fashion designer, Nthiran for making this creative yet fabulous national costume for the champ. Mind-blowing!

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The much-anticipated 7-day competition has seen contestants from 25 different countries around the world, and only one will be selected as the KING of the Mr World Heritage Pageant.

Kicked off his career in pageant journey in 2021, the 1st Runner Up of Supermodel Universe Malaysia has constantly showcased his talents and skills that inspire the rest of upcoming models in Malaysia. Thank you for putting Malaysia on the world map, Siva!

Image Courtesy: kaijing_photography & Sivanathan's Instagram