It is often that a child's mind is like a sponge - taking in everything around them.

The little ones are especially influenced by the behaviour of their parents, with whom they spend the majority of their time with.

Thus, it would not be surprising to see children saying things and acting like miniature versions of their parents.

The below are six habits that children pick up from their parents.

1) How the father treats the mother

If their father is the 'loving' and 'caring' type, and treats his wife with respect and dignity, the children will follow suit. If they grow up watching violence, chances are they will turn into a violent adult too.

2) How their parents manage money

It is best to teach the young ones saving habit since the are young. If children see their parents spending money carelessly, they are likely to grow up to be the same too.

3) How their parents treat others

This pertains to how we treat others, for instance when we are stuck in a traffic jam. Watch your behaviour and mouth at times like these, as children are watching and may emulate us when they undergo the same predicament.

4) How their parents respect the elders

Children are constantly watching, and processing how we treat our elders. If we often scold the elders with harsh words, chances are they would treat us the same when they are older.

5) Parents' honesty

Adults would be mistaken to think that children are naive and can be conned. They are noticing how the adults are not delivering their promises. If adults often behave as such to their kids, chances are the kids will soon start lying at the slightest chance, as they see dishonesty as a norm.

6) Parents' discipline/generosity

As clichéd as it may sound, charity DOES start from home. If the parents are involved in charity and helping the needy, their kids will emulate the good habits when they are older. On the other hand, if the parents are fond of wastage, or greedy, their young ones could grow up to be such adults too.

At the end of the day, remember that home is a child's first school. There is no use in blaming teachers or the level of education if children grow up to be rude or indisciplined youngsters/adults, as their personality and core behaviour are mainly shaped at home.

Source: Pa & Ma magazine
Photo source: shutterstock, Getty images.