There are times we would have been driven bonkers when performing our daily chores.

Here are six lifehacks that would make your life so much easier:

1) Soda straw hack

Ever been frustrated of floating or bobbing straw just when you are trying to enjoy your cold, refreshing sip of soda? This is where the opener tab on the soda can comes in handy. Simply bend the tab forward over the opening of the can, and insert your straw into the hole through the tab. We bet the tab is not going to go anywhere now.

2) Toilet paper roll/glass as speaker

Do you like to play music from your phone when you are performing chores around the house, but the volume is not just loud enough, even when it's at maximum level? Time to make your own speaker. Take a used toilet paper roll, cut out a horizontal line big enough to fit your phone in, and insert the device in it to act as a makeshift speaker. The sound that comes out of both ends of the roll becomes amplified. Alternatively, you could also use a glass to place your phones with speakers at the bottom in.

3) Tin foil banana hat

Bananas are great to be consumed as they are, or to be used as base for other dishes. Unfortunately, this fruit only stay ripe for a short period of time, before turning all dark and wrinkled in no time, when you place them on your kitchen counter. Fret not, a simple tin foil could come to your rescue. Just cut a small portion of foil and wrap it around the top of the bunch where all the bananas come together. This will make the fruits stay fresh and ripe for longer.

4) Post-It note on a keyboard

Tired of trying to get bits of dust, good, and pieces of grime out of your laptop keyboard? This is where Post-It notes can come in handy. Simply take a few pieces and run the sticky part of the notes along the keyboard, to attract the unwanted particles on them like a magnet!

5) Cold air without AC

The hot, humid weather is back, but running an air-conditioner round the clock can cause your electricity bill to shoot up higher than the mercury on the thermostat. There's an easier way to get your house, or at least the room you are in cooler, without burning as much electricity. Try filling a gallon jug half way with water, and then freeze it. Once it becomes a solid block of ice, simply place the jug in front of a fan, so that the air that blows out becomes cooler as it passes by the ice.

6) Use paper clip to mark the end of tape

Do you ever get frustrated while trying to find the edge of cellophane tape, when you most need it? There's an extremely simple solution to this common problem. Just place a paper clip at the edge, before you store the tape away, so that it will mark the spot the next time you need to use the tape.

Thse are just six lifehacks you could use to make your daily life easier. Do share other tips if you know of any.

You are welcome.

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