The scorching hot weather is back. The Malaysian Meteorological Department (MetMalaysia) recently said that the south-west monsoon, which brings out the hot spell, is expected to last until mid-September.

The following are six tips to help you brave the scorching days ahead:

1) Stay hydrated

The hot weather will leave you sweating profusely, and as such, it is crucial for you to replenish your body's fluid content by regularly drinking water. Beware that dehydration can cause weakness, fatigue and other illnesses. Try and stay off coffee as the beverage is diuretic and can have dehydrating effects.

2) Have more salads

Having a chilled salad for lunch is a better bet to cool down, rather than wolfing down the protein-rich burger for lunch. Food rich in protein can increase metabolic heat and warm one's body. Alternatively, one can try out protein shakes made out of a variety of berries.

3) Stay out of the sun, especially at noon

The sun is the hottest between 11am and 12pm, so try and avoid being under direct sunlight during this time. If you have to be out, make sure you wear the necessary sun screen cream to avoid being sunburnt. Also consider cooling your lotions, moisturisers and creams in the refrigerators before you put them on, for that refreshing sensation.

4) Dress appropriately

Choose cotton clothing that are extremely light and absorbent, instead of other materials. Also go for lighter colored clothing that reflects the sun's radiation, rather than dark colored ones that absorb heat. Also use a cap or hat to protect your head, and sunglasses to protect the eyes from harmful UV rays.

5) Eat ice-cream!

If you needed an excuse to eat ice-cream, this is it. If you are not a big fan of the artificial sugars, make an ice-cold smoothie from berries, or a chilled drink with plenty of mint leaves in it. Alternatively, coconut water also has hydrating properties.

6) Cool yourself down

Get an ice pack or bottle, fill it up with ice cold water, and place them at your pressure points, including ankles, behind the knees, wrists, elbow bends, neck and temples. Dipping a towel in cold water and placing it on your forehead or shoulders will also do the trick. Alternatively, have regular showers or jump into the swimming pool.

There you go, some tips for you to keep cool during the hot spell. What other tips do you know of, that you can share?

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