Ten students from SJKT Ladang Ebor, Shah Alam have showcased their incredible talent and innovation by winning two gold medals, seven silver medals, and one bronze medal at the International Invention, Innovation, and Technology Exhibition (ITEX) 2023 held in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. This is an exceptional achievement considering the large number of participants from other countries.

According to the admin of SJK (T) Ladang Ebor Facebook page, they have sent 10 teams with different themed innovations to compete at an international level that was participated by more than 700 teams from other countries.

The dedication, hard work, and creative thinking of these students have undoubtedly set them apart. Their innovative ideas and projects have captured the attention and admiration of the judges and the international audience. Such accomplishments not only reflect the students' brilliance but also speak volumes about the quality of education and support they have received from their school and community.

Previously the pupils won both the Diamond and Gold awards at the Virtual Invention, Innovation, and Design Pharm-IIDEx 2020 formed and organized by Universiti Teknologi Mara’s (UiTM) pharmacy faculty.

The kiddos have designed a washable three-ply mask that conforms to the World Health Organisation (WHO) standards and have also come up with a unique way of inventing the Super Shield Face Mask to ensure the public continues staying safe amid the global pandemic.

The International Invention, Innovation, and Technology Exhibition (ITEX) 2023 is an annual exhibition that brings together inventors, innovators, and technology entrepreneurs from around the world to showcase their products and services.

Once again, congratulations to the students of SJKT Ladang Ebor for their extraordinary achievements at ITEX 2023. May this success be the beginning of a bright future filled with more groundbreaking innovations and accomplishments.