Indeed a proud moment to say this - as the new student hostel at SJK(T) Ladang Midlands will start accommodating students from Sept 15 during the next school term.

The 115-year-old school is the first Tamil vernacular primary school with hostel facilities, built for RM 4 Mil and funded by the state government. The hostel can house up to 200 pupils, providing communal bathrooms, a laundry room, and a canteen. Each room will be furnished with beds, mattresses, cupboards, and study desks for four students.

The hostel was constructed with the Shah Alam B40 community in mind, aiming to help children facing challenges in attending school due to various reasons such as home environment, poverty, or transport issues. The Selangor Indian Consultative Council (SICC) chairman believes the hostel will aid in tackling poverty issues within the Indian community, as dropout rates among Indian students are high.

At a press conference, SJK(T) Ladang Midlands school board chairman Uthayasoorian Kalimuthu said the hostel was constructed with the Shah Alam B40 community in mind.

“We found that many children in Selangor are unable to attend school for various reasons such as their home environment, poverty, or transport issues because both parents are working. With the hostel, we hope to see more children being given opportunities to receive the education they deserve.”

The state government's contribution of RM300,000 will finance the enrolment of 25 boys for a year, with plans for continued funding in the future. Having said that, the hostel's first year will be limited to 25 boys from SJK(T) Ladang Midlands. Those who are applying should belong to the B40 group and be in either Year Four or Year Five. Forms are available at the school, and the cutoff date for applications is Aug 15.

For further details, kindly contact 016-332 7590 (Murthy) or 019-282 5191 (Gunasekaran).

Source: The Star