Indeed the best gift for the entire teachers and students of this Tamil school.

SJK (T) Masai have been inducted into the Malaysia Book of Records for 12 hours and 43 seconds of Non-stop Malaysia History Presentations. The record attempt took place on 15th June 2023 which is from 7.30 AM till 7.30 PM.

With that, a total of 665 participants, including 598 students, 53 teachers, 8 members of the implementation group (AKP), and 5 members of the PIBG, were part of this record-breaking event. The fact that preschool students and Special Education students, some as young as 5 years old, participated in the program is truly commendable. This inclusive approach shows the school's commitment to involving all students and providing them with an opportunity to learn and appreciate Malaysian history.

The main goal of the program, as stated by the SJKT Masai History Committee, was to increase proficiency in Bahasa Malaysia among students and instill an appreciation for the values recommended in the Malaysian Education Development Plan (PPPM) 2013-2025. By presenting Malaysian history, the program aimed to foster a spirit of love for the country and enhance students' sense of identity as Malaysians. It is through initiatives like this that the school can contribute to developing well-rounded individuals who are proud of their heritage.

Participating in a continuous performance of this nature allows students to showcase their talents and significantly boosts their self-confidence in public speaking. Additionally, it indirectly reinforces the significance of the Malay language. By providing a platform for students to express themselves and learn about their country's history, SJK Tamil Masai has undoubtedly made a positive impact on the student's educational experience.

The headmaster of SJK Tamil Masai, Mr. Vijayan A/L Madhavannair, deserves special recognition for his leadership and guidance throughout this endeavor. His gratitude extends to the Johor State Education Department, PPD Pasir Gudang, PIBG SJKT Masai, parents, teachers, AKP, donors, and, of course, the students themselves. Their collective effort and unwavering support have contributed to the success of this historic MBOR program.

Once again, congratulations to SJK (T) Masai on this outstanding achievement. May this record-breaking event serve as an inspiration to other schools and educational institutions to undertake innovative programs that enrich students' educational journeys and foster a sense of pride in their heritage.